Red Sea Magnesium Marine Test Kit

Monitor magnesium levels within your reef aquarium

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  • Magnesium test kit for marine aquariums
  • A key factor in the concentration of carbon in your reef
  • Each pack contains 75 test kits
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When reefers test only for calcium and alkalinity, it can be very frustrating to get both levels to match those of natural salt water. Here is where magnesium comes into play, Magnesium provides buffering capacity by bonding with carbonate ions. (Remember, carbonate hardness is another term for alkalinity.) Because magnesium binds up carbonate, it allows for more carbonate in the water than if magnesium were not there. An appropriately high magnesium level allows for the addition of calcium without the associated drop in alkalinity.

Red Sea's user-friendly Magnesium titration test provides a quick and reliable measurement of Magnesium in your aquarium to an accuracy of either 50ppm or 100ppm according to your needs. Kit includes easy to follow graphic instructions and conversion tables for immediate interpretation of results.

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