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Red Sea Calcium Marine Test Kit

Monitor calcium levels within your reef aquarium

At a glance...
  • Calcium test kit for marine aquariums
  • A key factor in coral skeletal growth
  • Each pack contains 75 test kits
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Much too often, many reef hobbyists stop testing calcium levels once a regimen for supplementing calcium has been established. However, calcium supplementation is not a static process. It is part of an ever-changing organic process where the demand for calcium increases as coral colonies (both soft and stony), coralline algae, and other organisms that actively utilise calcium begin to grow and spread. Larger amounts of calcium are required to sustain this healthy growth.

Calcium requirements tend to increase in most reef aquariums as they grow and mature. As a result, your old supplementation regimen may no longer be adequate. If regular testing is not performed to monitor calcium levels, it is very easy to allow levels to drop precipitously. In reef aquariums heavily stocked with corals and invertebrates, it is crucial that calcium levels be assessed every two weeks; or even better, once a week. Alkalinity should also be measured and monitored since there is relationship between calcium and alkalinity levels

Red Sea's user-friendly Calcium Marine Test Kit provides a quick and reliable measurement of calcium in your aquarium to an accuracy of either 15ppm or 30ppm according to your needs. Kit includes easy to follow graphic instructions and conversion tables for immediate interpretation of results.

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