Seachem Multi Test - Marine PH & Alkalinity

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Seachem Multi Test - Marine PH & Alkalinity is a fantastic test kit for use with salt water aquariums, allowing you to get accurate readings on your fish tank's pH level, ensuring that your marine environment's water chemistry as at the optimum levels to support the delicate sea life living inside it.


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Product Information

Seachem's Multi Test Marine pH & Alkalinity is designed exclusively for marine aquariums. The kit uses a unique dye that has a definitive colour change between 8.0 and 8.3 for clear, simple results. This makes it one of the most user friendly test kits on the market. Monitoring the pH and alkalinity of your marine tank is vital, as if it spikes or falls, this can cause fish stress and lead to infections. The delicate balance must be maintained to support healthy corals and coralline algae growth.

Use a good quality buffer to restore the right balance within your aquarium, such as Seachem's Acid or Alkaline Buffers..

Content of box:

  • 1 x marine reagent
  • 1x alkalinity reagent
  • 1x pH reference
  • 1 x alkalinity reference
  • Stir rod
  • Alkalinity pipette
  • pH colour chart
  • Test plate

Suitable for use in marine or high pH freshwater aquariums

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    Date 13/09/2016 23:09pm
    Seachem Multi Test - PH & Alkalinity
    Feefo Logo
    Not the best test kit avalible , wouldn't buy again. Will return to red sea products in future.