Swell Pond Thermometer

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Swell Pond Thermometers are durable and accurate temp monitors so you can keep an eye on this essential factor contributing to your water quality and the health of your fish.


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Product Information

In the winter pond temperature is a very important parameter to test in your garden pond, especially during the winter and spring season.

The floating pond temperature should be constantly monitored to ensure you are feeding your fish the right food at the right time.

The Swell thermometer give you the capabilities of more expensive thermometers at a more affordable price. Check out our great range of Swell Fish Food for great quality fish food at even greater prices.

Ideal Feeding Temperatures

  • Above 10 deg C you should feed a normal pond fish food.
  • Between 10 deg C and 5 deg C you should feed wheatgerm winter food.
  • Below 5 deg C you should stop feeding your fish.

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