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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

Swell Solar Powered Floating Fountain Set

A brilliant garden pond fountain with no running costs

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  • Solar-powered fountain kit for outdoor ponds
  • Comes with fountain heads, floats and extensions
  • A variety of models to choose from
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What are Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets?

Our Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets contain all the hardware you need to create elegant water patterns for display and oxygenation; perfect for larger ponds, pools and garden features. In the set, you will also find a solar panel, to power your fountain at any time of day.

What's the difference between the Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets?

We sell two different types of Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets, the 10.8W model and the 20W model. The 10.8W is designed for medium or larger ponds and boasts a 188cm maximum projection height. The 20W model is more powerful and is designed for large ponds with a 265cm maximum fountain height.

What are the benefits of Solar Powered Pumps?

Every pond owner knows that running a pond can be expensive and technical, a solar-powered pump avoids both these issues. Just place the solar panel in an area that catches a lot of sun, hook it up to your pump with the 5m power cable and you'll be ready to go. Be sure to keep your solar panel clean to ensure it's collecting as much energy as possible.

How does the floating ring work?

This easy to install floating ring allows the solar pond pump to be floated in deeper ponds so allowing an attractive fountain display to be achieved and aerating the water.

What happens if they get blocked?

If you notice the flow has slowed down, you can simply unscrew and pull the pump apart to rinse out any dirt from the pre-filter section at the bottom, this section also includes a small piece of re-usable foam to provide additional protection for the pump. You should clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with dust and dirt.



Material Plastic
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 1 Year
Country of origin China
Maximum fountain height See table
Power See table
Max flow rate See table
Colour Black
Battery backup? No



Product Max projection height Power Max Flow Rate
Fountain Pump - 470 LPH 188cm 10.8W 470lph
Fountain Pump - 980 LPH 265cm 20W 980lph
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