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Swell Solar Powered Water Feature Set

A cost-effective and large water feature and waterfall pond pump kit

At a glance...
  • Solar-powered water feature kit for large outdoor ponds
  • Includes 50W solar panel and powerful battery backup
  • Optimum flow rates of 2480-3400lph
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This is the perfect pump set for running my cascading water feature. The light system on the battery is really useful because it lets you know when it's fully charged and needs charging.

What are the features of the Swell Solar Powered Water Feature Set?

The Swell Solar Powered Water Feature pond pump sets are designed for water features plus pond filtration and have pumps with optimum flow rates of 2480-3400lph. They include a high-performance 50W solar panel to power the large pump, which needs to be placed directly facing the sun for maximum performance. These water feature pumps are fully submersible and can also be run off the rechargeable battery backup provided for overcast days and evening usage.

Key Features:

  • Flow rates of 2480-3400lph
  • High performance solar panel
  • Fully submersible pump
  • Has battery back up for night and bad weather
  • Cost effective
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 25-38mm hose size
  • 3400lph max flow rate

How does the solar panel work?

Solar panels generally save you money on your electricity bill. The solar panel needs to be placed in the direction facing the sun to maximise its exposure to sunlight, simply hook it up to your feature pump via the included 5m and you’ll be all set. For best results, keep your solar panels clean to keep them producing as much energy as possible.

How does the battery backup work?

The battery backup included will store solar energy when the sun is shining which can then be used in overcast, dark conditions or at night. You can also use a DC power supply to charge up the battery if there have been several days of overcast weather.

What happens if the pump stops?

Feature pumps can become blocked, so it's a good idea to regularly check for any debris, to make sure your pump remains in optimum working condition. They also feature dry run protection where two sensors on the inside of the pump will only allow the unit to start once it's fully submerged. You should clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with dust and dirt.

Please note: The impeller in this pump is a consumable part. With this being the only moving part of your pond pump, it is exposed to a lot of friction which can cause it to wear down and break over time. This component is not covered by the guarantee and can be purchased as and when required.



Cable length 5 m
Guarantee 1 year
Hose size 25, 32, 38 mm
Dry run protected Yes
Ball joint Yes
Solar panel Yes
Battery backup Yes
Operating voltage 12V-18V
Dimensions 294 x 220 x 147.5 mm
Fitted plug To comply with UK electrical legislation, pond appliances can't be supplied with a fitted plug, so you'll need to purchase one separately or wire it into an outdoor plug socket.


Model Waterfall/Feature Pump 2480lph Waterfall/Feature Pump 3400lph
Optimum projection height 210 cm 285 cm
Optimum flow rate 2480 lph 3400 lph
Power 50W 100W
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