TMC Reef Pulsar SPS-8

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The TMC Reef Pulsar SPS-8 is a full spectrum, reef-capable lighting unit featuring high quality branded LEDs specially selected to promote the growth and colour of Small Polyp Stony Corals and Clams. The SPS-8 offers higher PAR levels to mimic the light on the shallow reefs of the tropics.


  • Reef Pulsar SPS-8
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Product Information

Discover the best LED and spectrum setting for your corals with the TMC Reef Pulsar SPS-8. It has eight individually adjustable channels with higher PAR levels with the inclusion of more warm whites and red to mimic the light on the shallow reefs of the tropics. Its slim design is also ideal for the ultra modern reef aquarium, with a depth measuring only 1.76cm, smaller than a pound coin! The TMC Reef Pulsar is lighting designed with your aquarium's inhabitants in mind.

Every box contains: LED Light, Mounting Bracket, Power Supply, App Instructions and Assembly Instructions.

Key Features:

  • Super slim-line heat management allowing for the best possible profile over your aquarium.
  • High-end aluminium and ABS housing giving a sleek and modern matt black finish.
  • Unique aspherical lenses and reflective light pads to ensure even light spread.
  • 2 x temperature controlled whisper quiet water resistant fans.
  • Perpendicular mounting option for peninsula and wider tanks to suit any tank's needs.
  • Stealthy cable management to keep unsightly leads out of the way.
  • Temperature override to protect LEDs and ensure your tank remains lit.

Weight Weight inc. Bracket Total Power Consumption Total Luminous Flux Power Optimum Aquarium Size Dimensions
164W 8536 lm
100-240V 50-60Hz
100 x 50 x 50cm
36.5 x 18 x 1.76cm

The TMC Reef Pulsar LPS-8 also includes built-in bluetooth for easy control and programming via the TMC Link app, so multiple lights can be paired and synchronised. TMC Link App Features:

  • Easy setup and intuitive use.
  • Connect to multiple lights individually or as a group.
  • 8 channels of colour control.
  • Automatically program lights based on reef location.
  • Advanced mode to set unique lighting program.
  • Create a unique QR code to share your lighting program with other users.
  • View graph of you light's settings.
  • Review 24 hour program in 1 minute.
  • Mimic light spectrum based on depth of ocean water.
  • Acclimation mode to allow corals to slowly adapt to their new lighting environment.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Cloud simulation with adjustable probability.
  • Storm simulation with adjustable probability.
  • Subtle natural colour change to highlight colours in the aquarium.

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