TMC Reef Pump Connect

Create oceanic flows within your aquarium

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  • Circulation pump for marine aquariums
  • Bluetooth connectivity and variable speed control
  • Three different models to choose from
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An innovative electronic pump technology for high power and flow rates, combined with ultra quiet technology and efficient energy consumption. The Reef Pump Connect features many user friendly features such as Integrated Bluetooth connectivity making them all fully controllable from a smart phone or tablet via TMC Reef Connect (free to download from the App Store or Google Play).

The Reef Pump Connect features a variable speed controller with 20 different speeds for effortless control over your speed settings and an intergrated 10 minute timer so you feed your fish during this time.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Variable speed control - up to 20 different settings
  • Super quiet running
  • Integrated 10 minute feed timer
  • Soft start feature to increase impeller lifespan
  • Wet and dry application
Product Flow rate Min power Max power Voltage Dimensions Outlet Max head height
Reef Pump Connect 2500 2500lph 10W 50W 24V 122 x 72 x 130mm 20/25mm 3.5m
Reef Pump Connect 5000 5000lph 17W 87W 24V 165 x 86 x 162mm 25/32mm 5m
Reef Pump Connect 10000 10000lph 15W 122W 24V 194 x 100 x 192mm 32/40mm 5m


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