Velda Floating Mistmaker

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Velda Floating Mistmaker creates a stunning atmospheric mist across your pond, which is fantastic when lit efficiently, especially at night or first thing in the morning.


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Product Information

This is designed by Velda for smaller (mini) ponds, to create a mysterious atmosphere across the water, though could be used in multiples in larger ponds, to create a restful experience.

This is easy to use, by simply placing the floating mistmaker onto the water surface and then attaching the cable, which is watertight. This should be cleaned with a soft cloth and fresh water as needed, ideally weekly. This runs at 60w, and has 3 mist nozzles.

ProductNozzlesGuaranteeCable Wattage
Mistmaker32 YearsPlug to transformer - 2m and transformer to mistmaker - 5m60w

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