Velda Fountain Pond Square

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Velda Fountain Pond is a lightweight mini-pond with fountain pump and plant basket. Make your outdoor seating area a tranquil space with this lightweight, easy to move product.


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Product Information

This Square Fountain Pond is a complete feature for your outside space, be it a small part of the garden, or the main focus of a balcony. Available in either 55cm square, or 75cm square, they are lightweight enough to move, set up and fill with ease.

This comes complete with a pump and plant basket, and works perfectly with the addition of some real marsh plants to create your perfect mini-pond feature. Perfect plants are Japenese Pipewort, Marsh-Marigold, Arrowhead, and Iris.

This fibre-glass reinforced structure is also available in a 75cm Round Fountain Pond too, which you can find here.

To Set Up:

  • 1. Remove packing and properly clean the mini-pond first
  • 2. Place the Fountain Pond level at the desired location
  • 3. Place the pump in the middle of the mini-pond
  • 4. Fill the pond with tap water up to 5 cm below the edge
  • 5. Pot the pond plants and put the basket carefully in its place
  • 6. Connect the plug to a dry and grounded socket outlet

Power Supply
Fountain Pond Small 55x55x32cm Square Plug Reinforced Fibre Glass
Fountain Pond Medium 75x75x35cm Square Plug Reinforced Fibre Glass

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    Velda Fountain Pond Square 75cm
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