API Accu-Clear

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Aquarists suffering from hazy or unclear water quality can grab a ready-made helping hand in the form of API Accu-Clear. Added to your aquarium water, it quickly helps to clump together free and suspended small particles of debris, allowing them to be captured by your filter media. Perfect for new aquariums, it is best used after adding your gravel or sand substrate to help settle the tank.


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Product Information

API Accu-Clear will effectively clarify your aquariums hazy water by clumping the suspended particles within the water together and thereby allowing the aquariums filter to pick them up.

It is also useful for treating the milky haze which can be caused by introducing gravel to new aquariums.

Accu-Clear is safe for use with fish and plants and can be administered on a weekly basis.

Key Features:

  • Clumps suspended particles together
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Great for use in new aquariums
  • Fast acting

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