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Cloudy Water Treatments

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Help and advice on shopping for: Cloudy Water Treatments

Clear up cloudy water

A cloudy fish tank is something that no aquarist wants to see. Not only is it unsightly, making it difficult to see the fish, plants or corals in all their beauty, it could also be dangerous. We carry a range of top quality cloudy water treatments from leading manufacturers like Evolution Aqua, ChemiPure and API.

What are cloudy water treatments?

Cloudy water treatments are typically designed to flocculate (clump together) free-living bacteria so that they do not cloud the water. They can also do the same to other particles in the water, so they can help improve clarity in general. However, because most cloudiness is caused by bacteria in polluted water, they are not a solution to the underlying issue. Improving water quality is a priority.

Why might I buy cloudy water treatments?

A "bacterial bloom" is usually the cause of cloudy water. This is the result of a sudden increase in the population size of nitrifying bacteria in response to an increase in organic pollution in the water. The sheer number of bacteria in the water makes it appear cloudy or murky. This is unsightly and can consume a significant amount of oxygen from the water, causing the fish to gasp for air. We advise fishkeepers to test their water for signs of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate as they commonly co-occur with cloudy water.

What are the main types of cloudy water treatments?

Aquarium Systems Clear Up is used to clear up cloudy, white aquarium water without harmful chemicals. It can be added when the water is cloudy, especially after stirring up the substrate when cleaning the aquarium. This comes in a choice of freshwater or marine treatments, so you can keep your tank looking its best all the time. Ciano Water Bio-Bact contains a mix of different live bacteria that naturally break down ammonia and nitrites within your aquarium water, which helps to correct the aquarium balances. This optimisation of the biological filtration, and improvement of the water quality, improve the entire aquarium ecosystem.

What accessories should I buy with cloudy water treatments?

The majority of cases of cloudy water can be treated with appropriate treatments and regular water changes. Test kits can also be helpful to catch problem chemicals in the early stages before the water turns cloudy.