Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb

Keep your aquarium tank water at its best

At a glance...
  • Chemical treatment to remove ammonia and nitrates in aquariums
  • Helps to mature filters, reduce organic waste and maintain equilibrium
  • Easy to use 'bomb' treatment suitable for a 200l aquarium
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The Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb is a quick and effective treatment that provides you with an easy way to maintain crystal clear and healthy aquarium water, by using live bacteria and enzymes in a liquid ball form. Suitable for use with freshwater systems, both coldwater and tropical aquariums.

This one-shot large ball contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes. The balls break down when added to the water, and the bacteria and enzymes work together to break down ammonia and nitrates.

It also breaks down organic waste which is often the cause of poor water clarity. The water will become clear, and clean without a hint of cloudiness. Evolution Aqua recommends the addition of air into your tank using an air pump or Venturi.

It is great to use when starting up a new tank to help mature the filter, helping to eliminate new tank syndrome.

Key Features:

  • Help to mature filters quickly
  • Crystal clear and healthy water
  • Reduces organic waste
  • Maintains a biological equilibrium
  • Reduces ammonia and nitrite
  • Reduces filter and tank maintenance
  • Reduces maturation and start-up times following a filter crash

Dosage: One bomb is suitable to treat 200l aquarium

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