Blagdon Spare Filter Pad

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Maintain your Blagdon filtration system with this Blagdon Spare Filter Pad, ensuring you can always keep your water at it's cleanest, all year round.


  • Spare Filter Pad
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Product Information

The Blagdon Spare Filter Pad is a spare filter pad for the Affinity feature pools or for the Blagdon inpond all-in-one.

These smaller ponds still require a good level of filtration and this efficient pad provides both coarse and medium filtration - so keeps all manner of dirt and debris from the water. It is easily inserted and removed for cleaning.

If you keep fish in your pond, it's important to ensure that the water is as clean as possible for good water quality and fish health. Using Blagdon's own range of filter media will ensure that your pond is in the best condition. 

Replace as needed for best results and a beautifully clean pond. 

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