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PlanktonPur is a pure and natural food from the cleanest clearest arctic waters, giving your fish a tasty natural treat full of beneficial ingredients.


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Product Information

This natural, pure product from JBL is ideal food for many species of salt and fresh water fish.  It is especially beneficial for breeding tropical and marine species. Harvested from the cold, Artic seas of Norway and free from preservatives, this plankton is the ideal fish food.

There are two types of PlanktonPur available, PlanktonPur S is for smaller fish 2-6cm, and PlanktonPur M is for larger fish of 4-14cm.

Packed with the best levels of nutrition, including 30mg/g Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, this food will help your fish to thrive. Colours are enhanced by natural astaxanthin (a caretonoid) at a rate of 20mg/kg.

Feeding Instructions:

A 2g stick is perfect for a 200litre aquarium, choose a 5g stick for a 250litres or over. Feed just once per day. 

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