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  • An amazing brine shrimp hatchery
  • Complete cultivation equipment with stand, air pump and 1.8 m hose
  • Live food home-grown in 24 hours
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This extendable, complete Artemio Breeding Set from JBL is designed to cultivate Artemia eggs for fish and crustacean food.

This set contains everything you need, and can be extended too, for larger requirements. The food source is ready to be used in 24 hours, which means that a nutritious meal is always to hand.

The kit includes a breeding container, stand, air pump and even 1.8m of air hose to quickly and professionally process the Artemia. A sieve is also included to ensure that all of the Artemia are caught successfully in the pot below.

The funnel shape of the container means that the larvae are constantly moving for best results. The unique design means that more airline can be used to connect other breeding containers for more production.

Key Features:

  • Live food home-grown in 24 hours.
  • Complete cultivation equipment with stand, air pump and 1.8 m air hose.
  • Harvesting container and Artemia sieve (0.15 mm mesh) also included.
  • The container has been skilfully designed to allow the air from the aerating pump to be fed to further breeding containers.
  • Funnel shape ensures constant movement of all nauplii.
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