JBL ProNovo Malawi Flakes M

A nutritious, staple diet for cichlids, made with natural ingredients

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  • Made for cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika
  • Staple diet full of nutrients for daily feeding
  • Enhances the natural colour formation of your cichlids
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What are JBL ProNovo Malawi Flakes?

JBL ProNovo Malawi Flakes are a prebiotic flake food for growth-feeding cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika that are 8-20cm in size. These flakes are a staple food, meaning they are suitable to be fed to your cichlids alone daily, or you can also vary their diet a little more with treats and supplements. ProNovo Malawi Flakes are made only with natural raw ingredients and are free from artificial additives, meaning they will receive a natural and healthy diet. Through trying and testing, it has been found during research that this food has a very high acceptance rate, meaning it is highly unlikely that it will be rejected by your cichlids, and is suitable for a community tank of any species of cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika due to the food being so widely accepted, even with the more fussy eaters.

Key Features:

  • Made for growth feeding cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika
  • For fish between 8-20cm in size
  • Contains the optimum protein to fat ratio
  • Contains high quality ingredients
  • Made from natural raw materials
  • Can be used as a staple diet for daily feeding
  • Easy to digest, aiding health and water quality
  • High acceptance rate from a large range of cichlid species
  • Enjoyed even by fussy eaters
  • Contains no cheap fish meal
  • Helps support the growth of cichlids
  • Contains nutrients found in their natural habitats
  • Keeps feeding easy and clean
  • Available in 2 pack sizes
  • Enhances the natural colour formation of your fish

What are the benefits of JBL ProNovo Malawi Flakes?

These flakes contain krill and spirulina, which is known to bring out the brightest colours in your fish, making a more vibrant and enjoyable viewing experience of your tank. As the Malawi Flakes are prebiotic, they are easily digestible, which has many added benefits, such as supporting the health of your fish, and causing less water pollution due to organic waste, which can cause algae problems. This food contains no cheap fish meal, has the optimum protein to fat ratio and is even known to help your cichlids to grow. These flakes keep feeding easy and clean, and as cichlids have a varied diet, this recipe contains ingredients that support them and contain nutrients they would seek out in the wild

What are the feeding recommendations for ProNovo Malawi Flakes?

It is recommended to feed your cichlids 1-2 times daily with as much as can be eaten within a few minutes. After this time it is important to remove any leftover food to prevent overfeeding, and to prevent the water becoming polluted from organic waste, which can cause algae issues. If you have young, growing fish, it may be required to feed them 3-4 times daily in the same way due to an increased metabolism. It is important to make sure that the food you are feeding your fish with is suitable for their size so that they are able to comfortably eat it, although flakes are suitable for a wider range of fish, it is recommended that these flakes be fed to fish 8-20cm in size.



Spirulina, Wheat Meal, Shrimp Meal, Corn Meal, Rice Meal, Potato Flakes, Turmeric, Salmon Meal, Soybean Meal, Wheat Germs, Yeast Extract, Wheat Gluten, Apple Fibre, Guar Gum

Analytical Components: Crude Protein 38.0%, Fat Content 6.0%, Crude Fibre 3.0%, Crude Ash 7.0%

Vitamins Per kg: Vitamin A 25000 I.E., Vitamin D3 3000 I.E., Vitamin E 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg

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