Swell Hebridean Beach Sand

A pH boosting substrate for cichlids from Malawi and Tanganyika

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  • Hebridean Beach Sand for Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids
  • Contains calcareous materials to buffer water hardness and pH
  • Natural looking substrate ideal for biotope aquariums
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This is a great substrate for Rift Lake cichlid biotope tanks and includes a natural-looking mixture of grain sizes.
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What is Swell Hebridean Beach Sand?

Swell Hebridean Beach Sand is a specialist substrate specifically designed for use in Rift Lake cichlid aquariums and British native marine aquaria. Sustainably sourced from Hebridean beaches, this natural substrate is rich in calcareous materials that help buffer pH and hardness to provide Rift Lake cichlids with the right water conditions.

Where should I use this substrate?

This Hebridean Beach Sand is specifically aimed at fishkeepers who want to buffer softer or neutral water to make it harder and more alkaline, so is ideal for anyone keeping cichlids from Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, and many other African lakes, as well as many Central or Meso American cichlids. It can be used in any aquarium where you want to increase the pH or hardness.

What is the substrate made from?

Swell Hebridean Beach Sand is a natural substrate and consists of mixed grain sizes from fine 0.5mm quartz sand to 15mm chunks of stone, gravel, or shell. It has a wide range of mostly pale colours and is pre-washed, graded, and kiln-dried. It gives a really natural look to Rift Lake cichlid biotopes, unlike the commonly misused coral sand.

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