JBL ProNovo Cichlid Grano S

Packed full of nutrients, and easy to feed with

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  • Prebiotic staple food for small-medium cichlids
  • Enhances natural colouration with krill and spirulina
  • Easily digestible and nutritious
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What is JBL ProNovo Cichlid Grano?

JBL ProNovo Cichlid Grano is a prebiotic staple food for cichlids, enhancing their colour and providing them with significant nutrition to keep them healthy. Cichlids are extremely diverse fish, with many different species that grow to a range of sizes, making sure your cichlid receives the correct nourishment is an essential, and in the wild they eat a range of microorganisms, other fish and plants, which is not always replicable in a home aquarium. However, JBL have specially formulated this granulated food to cater to the needs of all the small-medium sized cichlids. Although these pellets are quite small, they are packed full of nutrients, and many species of cichlids prefer smaller pellet sizes they can pick out from the substrate.

Key Features:

  • Enhances the natural colours of your cichlids
  • Staple diet for year-round feeding
  • Aids digestion, supporting water quality
  • Perfect for small-medium cichlids
  • Full of essential nutrients
  • Makes feeding your cichlids easy
  • Contains an optimum protein to fat ratio
  • No cheap fish meal, only raw natural ingredients
  • Contains no artificial additives
  • High quality proteins
  • Suitable for small cichlids 3-10cm
  • Diverse meal with a high acceptance rate
  • Available in 2 pack sizes

What are the benefits of JBL ProNovo Cichlid Grano?

JBL ProNovo Cichlid Grano is a fantastic choice of food for your cichlids. With an optimum protein to fat ratio, and raw natural ingredients with no cheap fish meal or artificial additives, you can be sure your cichlids are receiving high quality proteins to support a healthy diet and life. This food is also easy to digest, which even has added benefits, as healthy digestion can reduce water pollution and support as cleaner water as possible. This tried and tested recipe has a high acceptance rate, and even though in the wild cichlids diets change seasonally, this has been taken into account to give them a diverse meal that will support them year round. Included in this recipe is krill and spirulina, which is known to bring out bright colours in your cichlids, giving a boost to their natural colour formation.

What are the feeding recommendations for ProNovo Cichlid Grano?

It is recommended to feed your cichlids with these granules 1-2 times daily, with as much food as can be consumed within a few minutes. After this time, it is important to remove any leftover food that may reside in the tank to prevent unnecessary water contamination, and reduce the chances of accidental overfeeding. As younger fish have a higher metabolism, it may be required to feed them 3-4 times daily.



Salmon Meal, Shrimp Meal, Soybean Meal, Wheat Gluten, Rice Meal, Wheat Meal, Krill Meal, Wheat Germs, Yeast Extract, Mediterranean Herbs

Analytical Components: Crude Protein 42.0%, Fat Content 8.0%, Crude Fibre 4.0%, Crude Ash 8.0%

Vitamins Per kg: Vitamin A 25000 I.E., Vitamin D3 3000 I.E., Vitamin E 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg

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