JBL ProNovo Bel Grano

Nutritious ornamental fish granules that boost colours

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  • Recommended for ornamental fish
  • Natural raw ingredients that boost colouration
  • Nutritious and great to use with an automatic feeder
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What is JBL ProNovo Bel Grano?

JBL ProNovo Bel Grano is a small granulate food designed to provide your fish with a balanced nutrition that can even be supplemented with other foods to introduce variety into the diet of your fish. These granulates are a fantastic choice for a community tank with a variety of species as each species will have different dietary requirements and the ProNovo Bel Grano is designed to meet these specific needs. These granules are also made specially to aid digestion and are especially great for ornamental fish. ProNovo Bel Grano is also suitable to be used with an automatic feeder, as most cannot be used with flakes, the small granules are a great choice for when you're away to save you from having to worry about feeding your fish.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for a community tank
  • Provides a great nutrition source
  • Available in a range of pack sizes
  • Available in different granule sizes to suit different sized fish
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial additives
  • Contains salmon, shrimp and garlic
  • Perfect for use with an automatic feeder
  • Enhances colour

What are the benefits of JBL ProNovo Bel Grano?

Made with natural raw materials, JBL ProNovo Bel Grano has no artificial additives, making sure your fish get the best diet possible to meet their nutritional requirements, without compromising and including unnatural ingredients. These granules also include colour enhancing ingredients that boost the natural shades of your fish, especially tetras. These granules are available in different sizes to suit the needs of your fish, which is especially handy as most pellets are too large for a very small fish to eat, whereas this recipe is perfectly suitable.

What are the feeding recommendations for ProNovo Bel Grano?

It is important to make sure that these granules are a suitable size to fit in the mouth of your fish, as they cannot eat granules that are too large for them, but with this being a small granule, it is suitable for the majority of smaller fish. It is recommended to feed your fish once or twice daily, with as much as can be eaten in a few minutes. Any leftover granules need to be removed to prevent any overfeeding and contamination of the water, which is a big contributor to poor water quality.

Available Sizes:

  • XXS - for 1-3cm fish
  • XS - for 3-5cm fish
  • S - for 3-10cm fish
  • M - For 8-20cm fish


Salmon Meal, Rice Meal, Shrimp Meal, Krill Meal, Spinach, Apple Fibre, Garlic Powder, Beetroot, Wheat Germs, Soybean Meal, Wheat Meal, Wheat Gluten, Spirulina, Mediterranean Herbs, Yeast Extract

Analytical Components: Crude Protein 38.0%, Fat Content 6.0%, Crude Fibre 4.0%, Crude Ash 7.0%

Vitamins Per kg: Vitamin A 25000 I.E., Vitamin D3 3000 I.E., Vitamin E 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg

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