Solar Powered Pumps

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Why Go for Solar?

Solar powered pumps are becoming a more popular low energy, or environmentally friendly option of pond pump.
This is because this type of pump uses energy from the sun as their power, and also creates an option that requires no electrical supply to be installed in your garden.
There are now a few solar powered options on the market and these include the:-

Bermuda Jupiter Solar Pond Pump - This is a submersible fountain pump.
Bermuda Mercury Floating Solar Pond Pump - This is a solar floating pond pump.
Bermuda Saturn Solar Pond Pump - This is a solar fountain pond pump.

You can also light your pond with solar light from the Oase range, these are the Oase Lunaqua Solar which again works by using energy from the sun and which is an underwater and garden light with 12 LED's and colour inserts.

You will need to know how much water is in your pond to make sure that you purchase a pump which circulates the right amount of water, it is also important to take into account any life that your pond is home to such as fish or frogs and if your pond has plants or stones. If you pond water is not circulated enough it may become stagnant.

You should always make sure that any pond pump which you purchase is right for your needs. Swell UK's in house advisors can offer advice if you are unsure and will be only too happy to help.

The huge range of pond pumps at Swell UK means that you should be able to find the exact pond pump that you are looking for. Add to that a live stock system which clearly tells you if an item is in, or out of stock, competitive prices and fast and free delivery options to give you every reason to choose Swell UK for your next pond pump purchase.