Velda Pond Skimmer

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The Velda Pond Skimmer floats on the water and with the help of a built in pond pump, cleans the water surface continuously, helping to remove scum, excess proteins and other debris.


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Product Information

The Velda Pond Skimmer simply floats on the surface of the pond and collects debris and waste. The waste is sent to an internal basket that is easily removed and washed.

The skimmer has an integral 2000 lph pump that can handle large quantities of water easily without clogging. It's best used in ponds with around 20m² surface area.

The efficient skimmer will even remove duckweed, so it's a great addition to your pond over the warmer months when algae can become a problem. The skimmer will also remove algae causing nutrients, so should lower the risk of an algae invasion from the very start.

Key Features:

  • Removes dust, pollen, leaves and even duck weed covering your pond surface.
  • Built in 2000lt/hour pump
  • Easily removed waste basket
  • 20ft power cord
  • 8" in diameter

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