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  • Mounting kit for AI Hydra LED lights
  • Slide and swivel to find the perfect spot
  • Integrated cord management and slim design
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The single arm Hydra Mounting System (HMS) is designed to provide an easy to use, fully adjustable tank mount solution for this Aquaillumination range of LED lighting.

  • A complete kit for mounting a single light to your tank.
  • Slide and swivel your lights to exactly where you want them, then fasten them in place to best illuminate your livestock.
  • HMS features a slim profile with integrated cord management to minimise visual clutter and complement the clean look of your Hydra fixtures.
  • Tailor the HMS to your tank. Width, height and even the angle of the light is able to be fine tuned.

Please Note: Rimless tanks only. 1.2" (3cm) max glass / acrylic thickness.

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