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SPRING SALE + SAVE up to £15 extra - SEE CODE >

AI Prime LED Mounting Kits

Ensure your AI Prime light looks its best

At a glance...
  • Mounting kit for AI Prime LED lights
  • Purpose-built, fully adjustable mounts
  • A range of mounts available
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AI Prime mounting systems are designed specifically for AI Prime LEDs, such as the AI Prime HD Reef Light, AI Prime Freshwater and AI Prime Fuge.

Prime Flex Arm - A silicone-coated flex arm makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI Prime. The most flexible mount for a rimmed or rimless tank. Wire-management clips are included. Available in 12" and 18" lengths.

Prime Tank Mount - Easily mount your AI Prime on your rimmed or rimless tank with the Prime Tank Mount. Available in black or silver.

Prime Hanging Kit - The Prime Hanging Kit is an elegant way to suspend your AI Prime above your tank.


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