API Phosphate Test Kit

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API's Phosphate Test Kits can be relied upon to give you easy and accurate readings about the phosphate present in your aquarium water. A key cause of unwanted algae growth in your tank, this test kit lets you know that phosphate is a problem before the algae has a chance to grow.


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Product Information

The API Phosphate Test Kit is simple and easy to use. Phosphates can be a real problem if levels get too high, they are a key cause of algae growth which can be difficult to combat. Testing regularly will allow you to check levels with the tritation method and compare the results with the easy to read colour chart.

It is capable of accurately testing phosphate levels from 0 to 10ppm and suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.

This kit contains 150 tests, a colour chart and an instruction booklet.

If you find that your Phosphate levels are too high, why not try one of our Phosphate Minus treatments?

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