Tetra Phosphate Minus

Reduce phosphate levels in your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Natural biological aquarium treatment
  • Removes phosphates, which encourage algae growth
  • Suitable for use in all aquarium types
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Phosphate Minus from Tetra reliably reduces high phosphate (PO4) levels in aquariums via microorganisms which naturally remove phosphate from the water. Because of this gentle process, this treatment is safe for use with all aquarium inhabitants. Tetra Phosphate Minus will not cloud the water during treatment and is suitable for use in all freshwater aquariums including those with soft water.

Phosphate is an important plant nutrient, however too much can encourage unwanted algae growth. Phosphate is introduced to the aquarium as a result of feeding, and is often present in tap water. Ideally phosphate should be kept close to zero to minimise algae growth and other issues. Through the reduction of phosphate, Phosphate Minus reduces unwanted algae growth by removing its food source.
Dosage Rate:
Add 10ml of Tetra Phosphate Minus per 40 litres of aquarium water. Each application removes up to 2mg of phosphate per litre, depending on the initial level. Repeat every two days until the desired phosphate level has been achieved. Make sure to supply adequate oxygenation during the treatment period.
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