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  • Barrel aquarium decoration for freshwater and tropical tanks
  • A brilliant hide and shelter for fish
  • Designed to accommodate medium and small fish
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The Aqua One Barrel Ornament is a great way to add some character to your aquarium decoration. It is completely aquatic safe, for fish, plants and invertebrates, and suitable for any freshwater set up, either coldwater or tropical.

Measuring at 15cm x 10cm this Barrel has holes to allow small fish to go through, adding another dimension to this piece of decor. Complete with intricate details to make the wood realistic, including algae growth patches, the Barrel looks particularly effective when matched with green plants, either live or silk, to really add to the theme.

This is an aquatic safe resin item that has enough weight to ensure it is stable and stays in place, but can be easily moved to change the look of the decor, or for cleaning as needed.

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