Aqua One Bonsai on Rock Bridge

Impressive bonsai on rock bridge ornament

At a glance...
  • Bonsai aquarium decoration for freshwater and tropical tanks
  • A brilliant hide and shelter for fish
  • Large ornament, ideal for stimulating big fish
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This natural looking Bonsai plant sits beautifully on the rockwork bridge. This is the perfect ornament for almost any aquarium, going well with similar rockwork, wood, live plants or fake ones, you really can match anything with it.

The bright and refreshing greenery is the perfect addition to brighten any tank, with this measuring in at 24.5cm x 17.5cm x 17cm it is big enough to be the main feature, or to go alongside some other real rockwork, or used within an aquascaped design.

The intricate details on both the Bonsai and the rock make this realistic and effective, and suitable for any freshwater system. The resin is easy to clean, as as easy to set up or move as needed, so you can change the look of your aquarium whenever you want to.

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