Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture

Rock sculpture aquarium ornament for fish stimulation

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  • Rock sculpture aquarium decor that promotes exploration
  • Ideal for freshwater and tropical aquariums
  • Made from non-toxic fish safe polyresin
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A great and fun product, it looks really natural in any tank.

What is the Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture?

Transform your fish tank into an aquascaped underwater world with the Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture. This natural-looking aquarium ornament is made from non-toxic polyresin, which is fish safe and will not affect your water quality. It has a weighted design and can be placed anywhere in your tank. The rock sculpture measures 21 x 11 x 18cm and has gaps and nooks for your fish to explore.

What are the benefits of aquarium ornaments?

The Hugo Kamishi ornament collection provides interesting structures for your fish to swim around. Ideal for aquascaping plus adding height to your tank, the Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture allows you to replicate nature easily and create a theme in your aquarium. In addition to the bright plants on the base of the rock sculpture, it also includes holes in between the rocks that allow fish to swim through, thus creating an interactive environment for your fish.

How do I clean this aquarium ornament?

The Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture is easy to clean. Simply remove the aquarium ornament from your tank and wipe it down with aquarium water. Use a soft cleaning brush for stubborn bits of algae.

What other aquarium decor do I need?

When it comes to setting up your aquarium theme, it really comes down to personal preference. We stock a variety of aquarium ornaments to help you unleash your underwater creativity as well as a large comprehensive range of aquarium decor. The Hugo Kamishi Rock Sculpture fish tank ornament works well with natural-looking plants. Not only do artificial and aquatic plants add a small splash of colour to your aquarium but they provide an appealing and stimulating backdrop for your fish to swim against.

Dimensions 21 x 11 x 18 cm
Material Polyresin
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