Hugo Kamishi Log With Moss

Mossy log fish tank ornament to enhance the feel of your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Natural-looking mossy log aquarium ornament
  • Weighted design for easy placement
  • Made from non-toxic fish safe polyresin
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A more natural ornament that looks great in any fish tank, especially when complemented with white sand.

What is the Hugo Kamishi Log With Moss?

The Hugo Kamishi Log With Moss is an attractive and functional mossy log aquarium ornament. It’s made from non-toxic polyresin, which is fish safe and will not affect your water quality. Measuring 15 x 9 x 11 cm, this decorative aquarium ornament has a weighted design for easy placement in your fish tank. The log is covered in faux moss patches to give your tank a natural feel and features swim through holes so smaller fish can explore.

What are the benefits of this mossy aquarium ornament?

Hugo Kamishi created this decorative aquarium ornament with holes to allow fish to pass through and rest. As well as providing a hiding spot for small fish, the mossy log reduces stress for all fish. This ornament mimics the natural behaviour of fish by allowing them to explore its natural-looking features. The faux moss adds a unique look to your tank and mimics the colour found in nature. This resin log aquarium decoration can be used to decorate both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

How do I clean this aquarium ornament?

The Hugo Kamishi Log With Moss is easy to clean. Simply remove the aquarium ornament from your tank and wipe it down with aquarium water. Use a soft cleaning brush for stubborn bits of algae.

What other aquarium decor do I need?

We offer a variety of aquarium ornaments to inspire your creativity as well as a wide selection of aquarium decor. The Hugo Kamishi Log With Moss fish tank ornament works well with natural-looking plants. Not In addition to adding a small splash of colour to your aquarium, artificial plants provide an attractive and stimulating environment for your fish to swim in.

Dimensions 15 x 9 x 11 cm
Material Polyresin
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