Aqua One Mangrove Roots

Create a biotope for your fish to spawn and hide

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  • Resin made mangrove root fish tank decoration
  • Suitable for freshwater and tropical fish tanks
  • Three sizes available
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My aquarium looks fantastic with the addition of mangrove roots. Not only do they add a natural look to my tank but they're easy to maintain too.

What are Mangrove Roots?

Aqua One's Mangrove Roots collection features realistic-looking natural driftwood for stunning underwater decoration and aquascaping. These mangrove root ornaments, which are suitable for both cold and tropical aquariums, will not only add interest to your aquarium but will also provide shelter and protection for your fish.

What are the benefits of Mangrove Roots from Aqua One?

As this artificial ornament is designed to mimic mangrove roots found in nature, they are simple to install and long-lasting plus they require minimal maintenance. They not only immediately improve the appearance of any aquarium, but they also provide a place for fish to hide and breed.

These fish tank decorations are available in small, medium and large so you can build a biotope for your aquatic life to explore and instantly create a mangrove lagoon. They have lifelike colours of Mangrove Roots and that help create a realistic environment and landscape.

Can I place this fish tank ornament straight into my aquarium?

We recommend washing and rinsing ornaments thoroughly with water removed from your tank before introducing them to your aquarium.



Product Small Medium Large
Dimensions 16.5 x 10.5 x 17.5cm 33 x 19 x 26cm 29 x 22.3 x 36.5cm
Material Non-toxic resin Non-toxic resin Non-toxic resin
Aquarium compatibility Freshwater and tropical fish tanks Freshwater and tropical fish tanks Freshwater and tropical fish tanks
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