Aqua One Mix Sunlight & Tropical PL Lamp

A spectacular bulb for your tropical aquarium

At a glance...
  • PL/UV bulbs for tropical aquariums
  • Offers both sunlight and tropical light
  • A range of sizes to suit all tanks
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The Sunlight and Tropical PL bulb is the perfect choice for tropical aquariums. The 11w comes with a 8k red light and a 7.1k white light in a highout T5 long life bulb, and the 18w version has a boosted 14k red light.

The mix of Sunlight, which is perfect for plant growth, and Tropical, which helps to intensify fish colours, means this is ideal for tropical set ups. This is avaialble in a PL11w, and a PL18w.

Product Red light White light Wattage Length Aqua One Aquariums Connection
PL 11w 8k 7.1k 11W 24cm AquaStart 320/320T/340/500
AquaMode 600, UFO 550
PL 18w 14k 7.1k 18W 22cm AquaStyle 620/620T 4-Pin
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