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Aqua One Veggie Clip

A quick and easy way to serve seaweed to your fish

At a glance...
  • Clip for feeding seaweed to aquarium fish
  • Built-in suction cup for easy setup
  • Wide grip to hold larger pieces of food
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This veggie clip is one of the best fish feeding tools I've used. It sticks to the side of my aquarium easily and holds fresh food like seaweed in place.

What is an Aqua One Veggie Clip?

The Aqua One Veggie Clip with suction cup is a large clip designed to hold seaweed and other fresh food in your aquarium to help you serve a varied diet to your fish. It has a built-in suction cup, for an easy setup, and a strong grip made of aquarium safe materials to hold large pieces of fresh food. The clip is similar in style to a bulldog clip and just as easy to use. It's entirely made of plastic apart from the rubber suction cup, making it easy to clean and water-resistant. As the clip is quite wide it removes the need for multiple clips, which can become fiddly, especially when it comes to cleaning multiple clips.

Why should I buy an Aqua One Veggie Clip with the suction cup?

Many fish, such as Tangs, Angelfish and Damselfish, prefer to graze on seaweed and vegetables over other types of fish food. Some fish will enjoy this sort of food as a staple, while others may have it as a treat alongside a varied diet. Either way, the best way to encourage their grazing behaviour is to have a piece of food raised from the bottom of your aquarium using a vegetable clip like the Aqua One Veggie Clip. The clip can also help fussy tank mates to share and ensure grazers, such as much freshwater tropical fish, feed. Plus, the aquarium safe materials stop unwanted toxins from entering your aquarium.

How do I set up an Aqua One Veggie Clip with evenly sliced fresh foods?

Setting up the clip is very easy, thanks to the day-long suction cup. You can take the clip out, fill it up with evenly sliced fresh foods then use the suction cup to fix it to any of the walls of your aquarium. Ideally, try to keep the clip and food away from strong flows, such as those created by filter pumps, to avoid pulling.



Material Plastic
Suction cups? Yes
Colour Black
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