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Aqua One Vibrance - Orange Cabomba

A tall orange addition to any aquarium

At a glance...
  • Tall orange Cabomba plastic decor for all aquariums
  • Can be mixed with live and artificial plants
  • Comes with a built-in weighted pebble base
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The Vibrance Orange Cabomba is approximately 20cm x 14cm, and comes with a weighted rock pebble base to support itself and make putting it into your aquarium super easy.

This is a stunning bright orange plant, that comes in a medium 20cm size, complete with bright thick and bushy orange and yellow foliage. The bushy texture is ideal for small fry to hide within, and the plastic leaves are easy to clean, especially with a plastic planter cleaner.

This can be used alongside more plastic decor, or with a mixture of live plants or silk plants, giving a great depth and variety of texture to your aquarium.

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