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Cyber Week Sale Now On + Get up to £15 extra off - SHOP NOW >

At a glance...
  • Neutral rocks for reef aquarium fragging
  • Made from light and porous materials offering filtration
  • Each pack contains 24 individual rocks
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Our artificial rocks resemble natural live rock and unlike ceramic rocks, they are made of light materials and have high porosity. They are a perfect filtration medium and a perfect habitat for a number of beneficial microorganisms. With Aquaforest rocks aquascaping is easy, as they can be quickly cut, arranged and attached, and they are available in a variety of shapes.

Can be used for:-

  • Soft Corals
  • LPS Corals
  • SPS Corals
  • NP Corals
  • Salt Water

For new tanks only just beginning to grow its corals, we recommend a frag board for optimal positioning for illumination. Thus, optimal growth of the frags can be significantly stimulated

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