Aquaforest Reef Mineral Salt

A vital mixture of minerals and nutrients for your reef

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  • A salt agent for maintaining mineral levels in reef aquariums
  • Encourages fast coral growth and colour enhancement
  • Enough to treat 32 litres of RODI water
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Using Reef Mineral Salt is one way to supplement your reef with calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. The lack of Reef Mineral Salt supplementation leads to dangerous mineral deficiencies. Long-term shortages of micro and macronutrients result in a slow down of growth and the pale colouration of corals.

In order to maintain ionic balance, it is recommended to apply also: Aquaforest Calcium, Aquaforest KH Buffer and Aquaforest Magnesium - doses should be established based on water tests and daily corals' consumption. A solution of Reef Mineral Salt should be dosed with the same liquid amounts as solutions of Calcium and KH Buffer. Reef Mineral salt dosing cannot be treated as the equivalent to important water changes, which are still necessary.


Dissolve 25 g in 1000 ml RODI water.

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