Artificial Plants

Artificial plants help and advice

Create a low-maintenance aquascape

Avoid the challenges often caused by live aquatic plants with our range of beautiful artificial plants. Artificial plants look fantastic, entertain your fish and last year after year. You'll find many top brands in our range including Fluval, Aqua One and BiOrb.

What are artificial plants?

Live plants can benefit your fish tank by harbouring bacteria that breaks down waste, but at the same time, these living plants can also be the root of the problem, decaying and polluting the aquarium. Decayed plant matter can increase the risk of algae, requiring treatments and additives to resolve the issue. So, while artificial plants might only benefit your fish tank visually, they won't run the risk of pollution, making them a natural choice for a low maintenance tank.

Why should I buy artificial plants?

If you're looking for a low-maintenance aquarium, artificial plants might be just the thing for you. From tropical flowers to grass balls, they are all easy to maintain, simply wash them in aquarium water, no feeding or pruning required.

What are the main types of artificial plants?

Artificial plants are extremely varied, with multiple models each looking to replicate typical pond flora, sometimes realistically and sometimes in vibrant colour. Artificial plants don't really offer any fringe benefits, beyond giving your fish something to interact with, so we recommend just choosing the plants that you feel would fit in with your tank's decor.

What should I look for?

No matter what your skill level, you may find it rewarding to try some aquascaping as you select your artificial plants, by pairing up colours, or creating a theme you can quickly give your tank a more intentional look that will impress family and friends alike.