Silk Plants

Silk plants help and advice

Create a low-maintenance yet realistic aquascape

Aquarium silk plants can be just the thing to brighten up your fish tank and add a touch of colour. We stock plenty of options from top brands in a variety of different styles ranging from natural-looking green silk plants to bold and vibrant reds, purples and yellows.

What are silk plants?

Silk plants combine the best of both natural and synthetic aquarium plants, offering a realistic appearance and long-lasting durability. They are made out of natural silk, allowing them to move with the water as a real plant would while also being undesirable to plant-eating fish.

Why should I buy silk plants?

Silk plants add texture and depth to your tank. They cost little and require absolutely no maintenance. They are even clean and chemically inert so there's no chance they will alter the water chemistry or present a threat to your fish. Overall silk plants are a great choice for first-time fishkeepers.

What are the main types of silk plants?

There are few divides in the silk plants range, however, the only real split is between the plants that attempt to replicate natural leafy green aquatic plants and those that are more colourful but less realistic. In our experience, a mix of both leafy green and colourful plants creates the best overall aquascape.

What should I look for?

There's little to think about when buying silk plants, they are unreactive and will fit into any tank. However, to get the most out of your silk plants planning and aquascaping is the key. Plan where each plant will go and you'll be able to ensure that you're ordering the right amount of silk plants as well as guaranteeing a perfect finish that looks intentional instead of chaotic.