Brine Shrimp Hatcheries

Brine Shrimp Hatcheries Help and Advice

Food for a healthy fish diet

Like people, fish like different foods, and a varied diet is always beneficial. Brine Shrimp is a great food source for fish. At Swell UK we sell a range of products perfect for encouraging the growth of brine shrimp.

What are brine shrimp hatcheries?

Brine Shrimp eggs, appear as tiny brown balls that you can add to a saltwater solution and hatch out baby shrimp, called nauplii. These are a simple and natural way to treat and supplement your fish's diet too.

Why should I buy brine shrimp hatcheries?

The correct food can help to keep fish healthy, happy and increase their life expectancy. Brine shrimp hatcheries are designed to offer your juvenile or small, marine and freshwater fish a nutrition-packed diet. Hatcheries will also save you the hassle and time of hatching live shrimp and will not cloud the water in your tank.

What are the main types of brine shrimp?

We carry a range of brine shrimp hatcheries to promote healthy growth. JBL Artemio Mix is a mixed crustacean food for captive inverts, giving them a balanced meal of shrimp eggs and microalgae to help them stay healthy. Arcadia Brine Shrimp is a densely packed, perfectly preserved food. Fortified with calcium, minerals and vitamins for improved growth it's also suitable for all aquarium fish.

What features should you look out for when buying brine shrimp hatcheries?

Brine shrimp are an ideal food as they contain a good level of proteins for strong growth and great overall health. They are naturally buoyant and make for a great healthy food for a variety of aquatic life. At Swell UK, we have complete kits to breed your own brine shrimp eggs. The JBL Artemio 1 is a breeding container that will allow home-grown Artemia Nauplii to produce in 24-48 hours. Producing your own live food has many advantages such as food will be free of parasites and rich in fibre. It's also an affordable alternative compared to frozen food and it's fun to do it yourself.