Bowl Fish Tanks

Bowl fish tanks help and advice

A fishkeeping classic

Jump back in time to the seventies and a goldfish in a bowl was a household staple. While the world of aquariums has moved on quite a bit since then there's still a little retro charm in a round bowl. Our range of bowl-shaped fish tanks provide a spacious and comfortable environment for your fish as well as functioning as a very stylish addition to your home. In Swell UK's bowl fish tank range you'll find top brands like BiOrb and Marina.

What is a bowl fish tank?

A bowl fish tank is a rounded fish tank that looks a little bit like a large bowling ball. Round fish tanks provide a 360-degree view of your fish and plants, creating an interesting aquascaping challenge. Bowl fish tanks are suitable for small coldwater fish (such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows) or small tropical freshwater fish (such as tetras, guppies, rasboras etc.) when a heater is installed.

Why should I buy a bowl fish tank?

Most people buy bowl fish tanks for the aesthetic beauty they offer but there are some other benefits to the tank shape, no corners mean that the bowl is easier to clean and maintain. Also, most of the bowls stocked by Swell UK are sold with LED lighting and filters built-in, making them a breeze to set up.

What are the main types of bowl fish tanks?

The biggest difference in the bowl fish tank range is the size of the bowl as this will dictate which fish it's suitable for. For example, if you're planning to buy a bowl fish tank to hold goldfish you will need one of our largest bowl fish tanks to allow the goldfish to grow to their full 40cm size.

What should I look for?

It's important to look out for the built-in systems within bowl fish tanks, a filter is a must to maintain the water quality and if your tank doesn't come with one you will need to purchase it separately. Many of the tanks in our range also come with built-in lighting as well as filter media and fish food or water treatments to help you get off to the best start as a fishkeeper.