Fish Tank Heaters

Fish tank heaters help and advice

Recreate tropical waters

The temperature of your aquarium is very important in order to keep your fish healthy. Fish can't regulate their own body temperature, so an aquarium heater is crucial in a tropical setup. This replicates their natural environment as much as possible, creating the best living conditions. Our range of heaters includes industry-leading brands like Aqua One, D&D and BiOrb.

What are fish tank heaters?

Fish tank heaters maintain the temperature of the water in a fish tank, making it suitable for tropical fish that require warm waters to survive. While there are a few different ways that heaters can maintain the temperature, some of which create different temperatures at different depths, all of them will warm your tank and can either be fitted with or feature a thermostat to avoid overheating your tank.

Why should I buy fish tank heaters?

If you want to run a tropical aquarium, fish tank heaters are a necessity, however, both cold water and marine tanks should be monitored to ensure they are not becoming too hot or cold for their aquatic inhabitants - this can be done quite cheaply with an aquatic thermometer. Fish tank heaters are quite energy-efficient and can be made even more so with the use of a thermostat, which will ensure that the only time the water is heated is when it falls below the required temperature.

What are the main types of fish tank heaters?

There are three main types of heater; submersible heaters, substrate heaters and filter heaters. Submersible heaters are placed in the water and heat it in much the same way as a radiator heats a room. Substrate heaters are long cables that sit beneath the substrate of the tank and warm it, stimulating plant growth as well as heating the water. Filter heaters are heaters that take water in, warm it and eject it to maintain a constant temperature across the whole tank.

What should I look for?

The best heaters on the market are energy-efficient and have built-in thermostats. You can choose when buying a fish tank heater to pay a large upfront cost, and get an efficient heater that will cost less to run, or to pay a small upfront cost, but pay more to run your heater. The other important factor is the volume of water you need to heat as different heaters are capable of heating different amounts of water - check you will be able to heat your entire tank before making a purchase.