Hydor Heater ETH

External aquarium heater for all aquariums

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  • A robust, efficient aquarium heater for all tanks
  • Features a secure, hanging eyelet
  • A range of sizes to suit all tanks
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Easy to fit into a filter system, these external heaters are easy to set up and manage.

What is the Hydor Heater ETH range?

Each Hydor Heater ETH is a Hydor external heater that has been designed for aquarium use, alongside external filters. The external heater guarantees maximum safety as it connects to your external filter tubing, allowing filtered water to pass through the practical connection system, be heated to the desired temperature and then return to your tank, with no risk to your aquarium life. It can also be used in sump tanks and can heat the water as it returns from the sump.

This range of heaters comes in three sizes to suit a range of tanks, find out which heater is right for your tank in the table below.

What are the benefits of these heaters?

Each Hydor ETH heater is designed to take up as little space as possible and hang via a built-in eyelet. The design sits alongside canister filters well and the components guarantee maximum safety thanks to rigorous testing from Hydor. Each unique external heater also features a self-regulating PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) system, which protects your fish and other aquarium components from the heater overheating.



Brand Hydor
Guarantee 2 year
Temperature range 18-34°C


Model Dimensions Wattage Recommended tank volume Outlet pipe size Inlet pipe size
Hydor Heater ETH 200 (12mm Hose) 80x70x310mm 200W 100-200l 12mm 12mm
Hydor Heater ETH 200 (16mm Hose) 80x70x310mm 200W 100-200l 16mm 16mm
Hydor Heater ETH 300 (16mm Hose) 80x70x310mm 300W 200-300l 16mm 16mm
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