Hydor Slim-Skim Nano Skimmer

A compact internal protein skimmer

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  • Powerful protein skimmer for all aquariums
  • Efficient, space-saving design
  • Magnetic suction cup support included
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If you’re running a smaller system, this skimmer is a great choice as it takes up very little space and looks great in the tank.

What is the Hydor Slim-Skim Nano Skimmer?

Perfect for smaller marine and reef tanks, this Hydor Slim-Skim Nano Skimmer helps remove the protein waste generated by the life in your aquarium, helping you keep your water clean and clear. The skimmer is perfect for mini reef aquariums and small freshwater aquariums as it takes up little space and can be hidden very easily. The near-silent internal skimmer comes with a removable collection cup included, so you can clean it by simply removing and washing the cup.

What are the benefits of the protein skimmer?

This small nano aquarium skimmer is far more powerful than it looks as it is suitable for tanks up to 250l in volume. It also looks great, thanks to the translucent smoked container that is designed to show offer the foaming process, turning the skimmer into a feature of your tank. Plus, this model is even easy to set up thanks to the patented magnetic support system which uses a magnet suction cup support to keep the skimmer in place while vastly reducing vibrations and noise.

When it comes to efficiency, this model's multi-venturi impeller is designed for low power consumption without compromising performance, keeping your energy bills low. Finally, the entire skimmer is designed to be easily disassembled, for quick and easy maintenance.

How do protein skimmers work?

Protein skimmers (also called foam fractionators) are powerful pieces of aquarium hardware that create lots of bubbles using a venturi pump to remove organic waste created by the fish in your tank. The micro air bubbles, attract organic waste in the water, moving it up towards the collection cup as 'dry foam' where it overflows. The process creates skimmate, a waste liquid, that can be disposed of during maintenance, while the clean water returns to your aquarium.

What is an internal protein skimmer?

This protein skimmer is designed to be used inside an aquarium, as opposed to in-sump skimmers that are designed to be used in a sump collection tank. These skimmers are easily concealed and are a great choice for nano reef aquariums where you're working with less space than large marine aquariums.



Brand Hydor
Guarantee 2 years
Wattage 4W
Dimensions 80x85x300mm
Maximum water temperature 35°C
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