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Hydor Koralia G3 Pump

Powerful wavemaker pump with lots of features

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  • Efficient wavemaker pump for all aquariums
  • Robust, energy-efficient design
  • A range of sizes to suit all setups
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When it comes to circulation pumps, there are few as reliable as these. The Hydor Koralia G3 is a brilliant all-rounder.
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What are Hydor Koralia G3 Pumps?

Hydor Koralia G3 Pumps are an innovative and unique range of circulation and wave pumps designed especially for reef aquariums and fresh water tanks. These pumps are particularly good for tanks with small to medium fish, thanks to the built-in fish guard, and have several features to allow quick and easy maintenance. At the rear of the pumps is a dual magnet support system (DMSS) which features vibration-absorbing silicone for silent operation. There are three pumps in this range to suit a variety of setups, check below to find out which is right for your aquarium.

What are the features of these pumps?

These pumps have been designed to have lower energy consumption and a smaller design than previous models. They are also extremely versatile, as the DMSS allows you to pivot the pump in virtually any direction to get flow where you need it. Plus they are also equipped with spiral cable protection, to keep any cables safe from Puffers, Triggerfish and Parrotfish. Finally, these pumps come with three special attachments, so you can customise the shape of the flow to get exactly what you need.



Brand Hydor
Guarantee 2 years


Model Dimensions Wattage Flow rate Recommended tank volume (Freshwater) Recommended tank volume (Marine)
Hydor Koralia G3 Pump 5000lph 77x102mm 3.5W 5000lph 300-600l 200-330l
Hydor Koralia G3 Pump 7000lph 77x102mm 4.5W 7000lph 400-800l 280-450l
Hydor Koralia G3 Pump 9000lph 77x102mm 6.3W 9000lph 500-1000l 360-600l
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