D&D Jecod Wavemaker Pump (Controllable)

Wavemakers create oceanic flows in your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Variable aquarium wavemaker pump
  • Includes remote with 8 different flow rates
  • A range of models to suit all aquariums
All round great service yet again. Super-fast delivery. No nonsense product at a great, competitive price that does exactly what I expected.

What is a Jecod Wavemaker Pump?

Jecod Wavemaker Pumps are fully controllable wavemaker pumps that are renowned for their durability, intelligent control system and power. The pumps in this range can create flow rates from 500ltrs up to 13000ltrs, so they can create various wave patterns in aquariums of all sizes. Each pump has 8 different settings, letting you find the ideal water flow while maintaining low energy consumption.

The pumps are also compact in size, with a magnetic bracket, night sensor, one-touch feed mode and extra long cable for easy installation and usage. Feed mode slows pump flow rates so that food isn't kept away from your fish while the night sensor automatically detects when tank lights are off and the flow rate should decrease.

Please note: All Jecod Wavemaker Pumps should be connected to a reliable UK power supply to protect both the pump and your tank.

What are the benefits of these pumps?

  • Very durable and fully controllable wavemaker pumps
  • Can create flow rates from 500ltrs up to 13000ltrs
  • Allows you to find the ideal water flow as each pump has 8 different settings
  • Can be controlled with included remote
  • Pumps are compact in size and are easy to install and use
  • A range of models are available to suit any size aquarium

What are the differences between the pumps in this range?

We sell five different wavemaker pumps in the Jecod range, each pump boasts the same suite of features, long life and durability, however, as you go up through the SW pumps range, from the SW-3 through to the SOW-20, the size, flow rate and Wattage of each pump increases.

Generally, you will need a larger pump for larger tanks to maintain the high performance needed throughout your aquarium system.

What is the difference between a powerhead and a wavemaker?

Powerheads are an older piece of technology in the aquarium hobby. Previously, powerheads were water pumps designed for attaching to the top of an under-gravel filter. They are mostly used for water circulation in reef aquariums, but they are slowly phasing out.

Wavemaker pumps are a much more recent technology and are also used to create water circulation. Rather than emitting a flow from a small outlet they release a more laminar flow to generate various wave patterns to suit the needs of the tank.



Brand D&D
Number of flow rates 8


Product Dimensions Flow rate Wattage
SW-2 W:5 x L:79.5mm 500-2,500lph 5W
SOW-4 W:52 x L:79.5mm 500-4,000lph 10W
SOW-8 W:66 x L:103mm 700-8,000lph 23W
SOW-15 W:79 x L:126mm 12,000-13,000lph 40W
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