Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Pump

Powerful wavemaker pump with Wi-Fi control

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  • Wavemaker pump with Wi-Fi control
  • Robust, energy-efficient design
  • A range of sizes to suit all setups
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This is a great gadget for any aquarium as it’s powerful and fun to use. You’ll feel like a tech wizard as you use your phone to control it.
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What are Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Pumps?

Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Pumps are fully controllable wavemaker pumps with many advanced technical capabilities. Following a new innovative trend of internet-powered aquarium technologies, you can control the aquarium Koralia Wi-Fi pumps with your smart devices directly. Outside of the smart technology, each pump is a fantastic piece of aquarium equipment, with the Koralia design and 3rd gen features that make it both robust and affordable. It's even easy to set up, thanks to the patented DMSS (Dual Magnetic Support System).

What are the benefits of these pumps?

These pumps come with a range of features to help you create the perfect flow in your aquarium:

  • Highly energy-efficient - This energy-saving movement pump is designed to use as little energy as possible for complete energy efficiency, which reduces the load on your energy bills and will keep both marine water aquariums and freshwater tanks silent.
  • Versatile design - The Koralia design lets you use the wavemaker in both freshwater aquariums and marine water aquariums so you can use it wherever a wave flow or power head is needed.
  • Compact design - The smallest Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Pump is less than two inches in diameter (48mm) and just two and a half inches long (63mm) yet it packs enough punch to handle a volume of up to 100l.
  • Dual Magnetic Support System - The pump can be mounted on tank thicknesses up to 15mm thick and uses a special socket mount that allows you to fully adjust it as necessary while providing maximum vibration absorption.

What does 'Wi-Fi controlled' mean?

These pumps represent a new line of smart devices directly controlled via an app. The Hydor App is designed to work on either a smartphone or tablet. Android and iOS versions of the app can be downloaded and each offers advanced technical capabilities such as a handy 'fish feeding mode' which lets you turn off the wavemaker during a feed. You can also control other Hydor devices with the app at once, taking complete control over your aquarium from the palm of your hand.



Brand Hydor
Smartphone compatible iOS and Android


Model Dimensions Wattage Flow rate Recommended tank volume
Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Wavemaker S Pump 48x63mm 10W 4150lph 40-100l
Hydor Koralia Wi-Fi Wavemaker M Pump 65x67mm 25W 10500lph 200-500l
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