Hydor Seltz Pump

Aquarium pump for your filtration systems

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  • Aquarium pump for all aquarium types
  • Universal multi-purpose centrifugal pump
  • A range of sizes to suit all setups
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No matter what your setup is, Hydor Seltz Pumps are idea for managing water flow around your system.
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What are Hydor Seltz Pumps?

Hydor Seltz Pumps are a range of small DC universal water pumps suitable for either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Each DC universal electronic pump can be used to create water flow, pulling water through tubing via filters, heaters and more, or they can power sumps and even small features in an aquarium. These pumps are versatile and packed full of features to make aquarium management safe, easy and efficient. We sell a range of DC controllable pumps to suit a variety of setups, check the table below to find the right model for your needs.

What are the benefits of this pump?

This multipurpose electronic universal pump has an electronic flow regulation system to ensure an even flow quantity throughout your aquarium system. This water pump is also much more efficient than previous Hydor DC pumps, realising several energy-saving concepts and passing the savings on to you and your energy bill. The entire pump is controlled by a dial at the front, for easy management, and it comes with tube holder connectors to prevent hazardous water spray in non-submerged use.



Brand Hydor
Guarantee 2 years


Product Dimensions Wattage Flow rate Maximum head height
Hydor Seltz L Pump Universal 700lph 50x100x65mm 14W 700lph 135cm
Hydor Seltz L Pump Universal 1200lph 70x130x75mm 27W 1200lph 195cm
Hydor Seltz L Pump Universal 2800lph 85x165x95mm 55W 2800lph 230cm
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