Eheim Thermo Control Heaters

Aquarium heater to ensure you get the right tank temperature

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  • Completely submersible aquarium heater with a temperature control dial
  • Available in a range of wattages
  • Made from 2mm thick shock-resistant glass
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Eheim Thermo Control aquarium heaters are considered to be among the most reliable in the market.

Completely submersible with a temperature control dial, and an automatic safety shut off switch. It also has a chrome-nickel helical heating coil that is both long-lasting and provides uniform heating. The 2mm thick shock-resistant glass out-performs its counterparts which generally only has 1mm thick glass. The heaters are both fresh and saltwater compatible and include a six-foot cord.

Please see the Product Specification details for the wattage and size table.

Key Features:

  • Completely submersible
  • Fresh and saltwater compatible
  • Temperature control dial
  • Auto shut off switch
  • 2mm thick shockproof glass
Product Tank size Guarantee Wattage
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 25W Up to 25ltr 1 year 25W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 50W Up to 60ltr 1 year 50W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 75W Up to 100ltr 1 year 75W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 100W Up to 150ltr 1 year 100W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 125W Up to 200ltr 1 year 125W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 150W Up to 300ltr 1 year 150W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 200W Up to 400ltr 1 year 200W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 250W Up to 600ltr 1 year 250W
Eheim Thermo Control Heater 300W Up to 1000ltr 1 year 300W
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