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Aquarium T8 Tubes

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Help and advice on shopping for: Aquarium T8 Tubes

Light your aquarium without breaking the bank

T8 tubes are thick fluorescent, and occasionally LED, lights that are popular among aquarists. Generally, they are the cheapest aquarium bulbs and so a great budget option for amateurs and aquarists trying to keep costs to a minimum. Our T8 range includes top brands like Juwel, Fluval and Aqua One.

What are aquarium T8 tubes?

T8 tubes are rounder and fatter tubes that can be used for a variety of tasks, including aquarium lighting. While less efficient than T5 tubes, T8 tubes are cheaper and more popular with amateurs as well as often seeing use in all-in-one aquarium set-ups.

Why should I buy aquarium T8 tubes?

Generally, those buying T8 tubes are either replacing a T8 tube or buying one for a light fitting that can only take T8 bulbs. However, you may be looking for a more energy-efficient bulb, for buyers looking to upgrade their fluorescent T8 tube we offer T8 LEDs which boast a much longer lifespan, less energy usage and less heat output.

What are the main types of aquarium T8 tubes?

LED, marine, tropical and daylight T8 tubes make up the bulk of our range. LED T8s are built to fit into a standard T8 light fitting but are made up of LEDs instead of fluorescent light, making them more energy-efficient and removing the need for a reflector. Marine and tropical lights offer similar light to the environment your fish will be most comfortable in while catching them in the right colour to show off their scales. Daylight replicates natural sunlight, making it the ideal choice to promote plant growth in your tank.

What should I look for?

Make sure that you know the light fitting, including the size and Wattage it takes, so you can find the correct bulb for your tank. We have a huge range of T8 bulbs so you will have to find the exact one to fit your needs. It's important that you buy the right type of bulbs as each has a particular effect, for example, if your goal is to improve your plant's growth you shouldn't be buying a marine bulb but instead a daylight bulb which will be a lot more helpful.