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Aqua One Sunlight T8 Light Tube

The ideal light for encouraging marine plant and fish growth

At a glance...
  • T8 UV bulb for marine aquariums
  • Offers the sunlight marine plants and fish need
  • A range of sizes to suit all tanks
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The Aqua One Sunlight bulb is a T8 fitting, and comes available in 5 sizes to suit your aquarium size. These bulbs are as close to the sun as mother nature would allow, and offer a full sun spectrum lighting.

This is a refreshing natural light for aquariums, and can also be used for terrariums to offer a daylight aspect, ideal for live plant growth.

Also available in the same sizes, the Aqua One Tropical T8 Lamp, which can be used alongside this bulb for perfect lighting.

Wattage Length
15W 18"
20W 23.5"
18W 24"
25W 30"
30W 36"
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